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About the Clinic for Assisted Reproduction in Marbella (CERAM)

The Clinic for Assisted Reproduction in Marbella (CERAM) has been more than 23 years helping couples to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. The vast experience, a constant training and applying the latest techniques help us obtain higher pregnancy rates that the average.

Our embryology team has been trained in the latest techniques that help us offer complete treatment with exceptional results.

Treatments and techniques for assisted reproduction

Ceram has been pioneer in Malaga in fertility treatments and the first specialized clinic for assisted reproduction in Marbella.

At Ceram we offer the latest techniques allowed by the health authorities and certified by the SEF (Spanish Fertility Society), such as vitrification, IMSI, blastocyst culture, MACs when treating male and female infertility.

Treatments and techniques used include: IVF, Egg donation, ICSI, IMSI, PGD. Embryo and Egg vitrification, blastocyst culture, Spermlow within others.

International Patient care

Ceram has a growing international patient care department that helps couples around the world. The team has plenty experience counseling patients and ensuring they feel a close and friendly contact via telephone, skype and email, solving all doubts and avoiding added stress which is a main factor of fertility today.

The international patient coordinators will help you during treatment in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Russian and German.

Egg donation abroad

Spain has an advanced legislation when talking about egg donation. Many couples choose Spain as a preferred country to undergo fertility treatment as it is a legal and confidential procedure where the donor is anonymous.

Marbella is a perfect place to find a holiday atmosphere which helps couples relaxing. The lifestyle found in Marbella is a great place providing peace and wellbeing that patients appreciate when coming to Ceram for fertility treatments.

Our international patient care department will help couples that travel from abroad for treatment. With a great experience they will help you with:

  • Online and telephone consultations
  • Confidential and personalized treatment, without waiting lists
  • Helping you find an anonymous donor
  • Travel arrangements from the International Airport of Malaga with direct flights from all over Europe
  • Provide options for hotel accommodations with special prices for our patients

Why choose Marbella for your IVF Abroad Treatment?

Ceram is situated in a perfect place of the Costa del Sol, only 1.5km away from the town center and 2km away from the beach. Marbella has a natural environment that allows to have more than 300 days of sun thanks to the micro-climate. In Marbella we create a suitable environment of rest and wellbeing thanks to its people and its culture.

Ceram has very good connections. The airport has direct flights from all over Europe and there are numerous accommodation options. At Ceram we provide you with different discounts on selected hotels ensuring that travelling is not a concern for you. You will only need to enjoy Marbella.