Fertility Checkup

Basic Fertility Checkup

Tendencies in fertility are always changing and we are finding that in today’s lifestyle many couples delay their paternity because of various factors such as economic or professional stability.

At CERAM we recommend you to do a basic fertility checkup which will help you know about the health of your reproductive organs. It should be incorporated as part of your annual medical checkups.

Who is it recommended for?

  • Couples which are not looking to have children at this moment but want to know if they are healthy from a reproductive point of view.
  • Couples who have had sexual acts without protection in the last six months and are looking to get pregnant.
  • People who are looking for assessment regarding the delay of maternity or paternity by storing cells (eggs of sperm) to use them in the future.

What does it consist in?

  • Consultation with a gynaecologist specialized in reproductive medicine who will do a detailed gynaecological exploration orientated to fertility.
  • Ultrasound transvaginal control to study internal organs like the uterus and the ovaries, doing a count of the antral follicular (it is a sign of the ovaric reserve)
  • Physical exploration of the male to determine the current state of his reproductive organs and a sperm screening which will show the quality of the sperm (count, mobility and morphology)

This medical check-up will give you a clear idea of your current reproductive state and can lead to the recommendation of further study (laboratory, radiology of ultrasound) based on the results obtained

If you want to take this study, feel free to contact us for an appointment by email ceram@ceram.es or by phone +34 952 899 350.