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Donate Eggs, Give Life

If you are between 18 and 30 years and wish to help another woman’s dream of a pregnancy come true.

Becoming A Donnor You Can Change Many People’s Life

We are aware that you may have many doubts about egg donation. In CERAM we will try to solve each one of them and treat you with the most humane medical team and personalized treatment. With the years of experience, on this marvellous world of fertility, we know that your effort will be compensated with the happiness of the couple that has been looking for a baby.

What is egg donation?

Egg donation is a solidary and voluntary act of young women that wish to help other women to achieve their dream of becoming mothers.

Who do you help?

The candidates to receive eggs are:

  • Women that are willing to become pregnant but are not able with their own eggs (lack of ovaries, ovarian failure premature, oophorectomy, menopause, radiotherapy/quimio treatment)
  • Women that produce eggs but not of a certain quality (IVF failure)
  • Women that can transmit genetic disease

Frequently asked questions about egg donation

We have developed a list of the most frequently asked questions about egg donation. If you are interested in egg donation, we encourage you to come to our clinic and inform you about all the process and clear your doubts before making a decision.

Who can donate?

Egg donors have to be healthy and should be aged between 18 and 30 following the law for assisted reproduction. There must be no personal history of sexually transmitted infections and there should be no personal or family history of inheritable diseases.

Is there economical compensation?

By law we are able to give donors a compensation for what you go through and you will be given this when we discharge you from the clinic on the day of your egg collection (ley 14/2006).

Why become a donor at Ceram?

In Ceram you will be in the hands of specialized and dedicated doctors that will give you a professional treatment. With many years of experience, we have been the reproductive assisted clinic of reference in Marbella.

How is the treatment?

It consists of stimulating ovaries with medication to produce more eggs to be collected for the recipient.

How is the process?

The process starts by filling a questionaire, a first interview with the medical team. They will carefully explain all the process and clear your doubts. The questionaire will be studied by the medical team and if you are selected you will have an appointment for a gynaecological check-up and a blood test to ensure you are phisicaly and psicologicaly able for donation.

How long is the treatment?

It lasts between 10 and 12 days. During these days you will need to come to CERAM for control ultrasounds and once the doctor considers you are ready for egg extraction he will inform you 72 hours in advanced.

Will i look like the egg receptor?

Assisted reproduction clinics look for similarities between donors and receptors. Nevertheless remember that your identity and the receptor’s will be confidential.

Are there side effects?

Normally a donation process is well tolerated. Like any other treatment it is personalized and monitored to minimize risks. Any how we will carefully inform of any possible risks at the clinic.

Can I have sexual intercourse during the donation process?

Yes, but we recommend avoiding as much as possible sexual intercourse during the treatment as the pregnancy probabilities increase up to 90%. After egg extraction and during 4 days, it is not recommended to have sexual intercourse as chances are still high. After a few days you will menstruate and after you can have normal sexual life.

Can I donate if I’m using hormone birth control?

Yes, but you wont be able to use them during the process.

How many times can I donate?

The law for assisted reproduction states that the maximum number of new borns in Spain from one donor are 6. if you have any doubt contact the medical team.

Is it possible to know the receptors or baby’s identity?

No, the Spanish Law 14/2006 doesn’t allow you to know the identity of the receptors donor neither the baby’s, the same way they won’t know the egg donor identity.

Can I have my own babies after donating eggs?

Egg donation doesn’t affect at all to the future fertilisation. a healthy women, before birth, has approximately 400,000 future immatures eggs in the ovaries. In a natural way, in each cycle you lose hundreds of eggs and only one turns into an egg with the capacity to be fertilized. The hormonal treatment that takes place with the egg donation consists in the maturation of the mayor number of eggs possible, that in the opposite case it will be lost. In addition the gynaecological check up that is done before the treatment is complete and allows to detect any disturbance.

Do you have to spend a night in hospital if you donate?

You only have to stay in the clinic two or three hours. The egg collection must be done in a surgery room with sedation. Once the process is finished, the medical team will recognize the patient to decide when the best time is to discharge. They will inform you of recommendations to follow during the next hours.

Which is the Spanish law referring to egg donation?

Law for human assisted reproduction 14/2006

What type of pain can I have during the process?

During a normal process there should be no pain caused by the treatment. After the egg transfer you may feel bloated or you can have pre-menstrual pain.

Are the medicines used during the process dangerous?

Studies show that there are no risks other than the already mentioned as side effects from hyperstimulation or multiple gestations.

What should I do if I decide to donate eggs?

Please contact us filling the contact form, or call us at 952 829035 or write an email at for a first visit with our medical team. After this first visit and within the following 2 weeks you will be programmed for the medical check-up. There results will determine if you can donate.