Acupunture and Fertility

What is acupunture?

Acupunture is part of the traditional techniques used in Chinese Medicine. Acupunture consists of using small needles that are inserted in specific parts of the body to stimulate the natural capacity of the body to heal itself.

Treatments with acupunture can help internal organs of the body to correct it’s natural balance.

Can acupunture help in fertility?

Acupunture can be used as an aid in cases of endometriosis or poliquistic ovary sindrome.

Acupunture is used during IVF and other fertility treatments mainly to help the body relax and maintain a positive attitude during the treatment. Also, it can help the implantation of the embryo in the uterus if two acupunture sessions are taken the day of the embryo transfer.

The benefits of acupunture during fertility treatments are:
• Improves the circulatory system of the uterus
• Reduces stress hormones
• Regulates endocrine system
• It doesn’t have secondary effects

Does acupunture hurt?

The needles used for acupunture doesn’t have a cutting edge and are solid. They are inserted only a few millimeters from the surface of the skin and most of the patients only feel a slight tingling sensation.